A guide to protecting your precious floor

Just like any other home owner I know you are wondering how best you can protect your beautiful floor. I know a lot of focus is placed on floor contaminants and we often tend to overlook the damage our furniture can have on the floors.

In this review we will look on the various ways on how to protect your floor with furniture floor protectors such as felt pads for furniture. In as much as greater floor damage comes from heavier pieces of furniture, chairs and tables also damage our floors by grinding debris and grit on the floor. So in order to add on to the hardwood floor protection, tables and chairs should be made in a way that their legs are floor-friendly.

Let us now look at the various types of floor protection. The most popular type of chair leg protection is the furniture pad or chair glide. These are simply pads placed on the legs’ of yourfurniture. There are several types of chair glides each offering a unique level of protection and they include the following:

Tap on pads – These are furniture pads with extra protection since they are held securely on your furniture’s’ legs by either small nails or screws. Different materials are used together with tap on-pads to make contact with your floor. Despite being quite secure, exercise extra caution with these type of floor protectors since if not properly fixed, the screws or nails may get exposed and harm your floor by scratching.

Slip on pads – These are pads made from either rubber or soft plastic. They can be considered to be the safest floor protectors because unlike adhesive pads they don’t fall off or scratch your floor like worn out tap on pads.

Self adhesive pads – These are simple peel and stick pads which can be found almost everywhere. They are made from rubber and they are the most affordable floor protectors. They are easy to use but they won’t last long compared to tap on floor protectors.

The Floor Type Matters

A lot of consideration is put on the type of floor you have when purchasing furniture floor protectors. Most chair glides are sold as universal floor pads for any floor type. However, choosing the wrong material of chair glides can add more harm to your floor. This is because floor pads are meant to move your furniture in your house.The following is a list of common materials used to make furniture pads and chair glides:

1. Felt
2. Plastic
3. Rubber
4. Metal
5. Plastic
6. Cork.

Carpet – For this type of floor type, chair glides made from harder materials are ideal. Consider buying furniture pads made from plastic or steel.- Hardwood floors – These are floors made using ceramic tiles or hardwood. Use furniture pads made from felt or rubber. However, if you are using felt make sure it’s thick enough to support even heavy furniture. It is important to note that using rubber pads might cause scuff marks on your floor. – Soft floors – Soft floors can be made using vinyl or rubber. For these floor types use rubber, felt or plastic furniture pads.


Make sure that your furniture is on the same level with the floor to prevent scratches and gouges even before investing in furniture pads. Ensure that your floor is clean since no type of furniture pad will offer proper floor protection if the floor is dirty.

You can also make your own furniture pads at home using worn out towels, old tennis balls, old carpets or leather.

The need for facial cleansers

The face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It requires a lot of care since it tells a lot about someone. Most people make their first impression on someone based on their facial appearance. You do not want to always scare people away by having a poorly groomed face. The simplest and most basic care one can do their face. The article below, therefore explains some of the importance of using a facial cleanser.

First, it is essential to understand that cleansing is not the necessary type of washing and rinsing we do while bathing every day. It is required to use a facial cleanser at least twice a day; in the morning and night.

Just before bedtime, it is essential to use a facial cleanser as it enables one face look younger and prevents aging. Aging is unavoidable. Cleansing a face before sleep helps fight some of the causes of aging. At night, a lot of physiological changes happen in the face including the repair of the cells. Such biological reactions require sufficient oxygen. Using makeup therefore blocks the pores of the face, and the natural process is hindered. Using a facial cleanser therefore opens up the pores allowing the DNA repair to take place efficiently.

At night, the rate at which the blood flows are also higher. High blood flow allows the absorption of necessary ingredients into the blood. For instance, when one uses anti-aging ingredients, it is essential to use a facial cleanser before applying the creams. The solvent enables the face to absorb the elements faster and efficiently.

During the day, the face gets in touch with various substances which settle on the face forming the dead skin. Some of this includes the makeup foundation, air pollution substances. Using a face cleanser will, therefore remove the excess oil and dirt. Without doing this, the pores will be blocked and can result in cracks on the face.

Using a facial cleanser also hydrates the skin. During the night, the face undergoes a lot of evaporation which makes the skin to lose water. The dehydration causes the skin to be itchier and dry. However, the cleanser will purify the face and enables one to use a moisturizer which subsequently hydrates the face.

While sleeping, the face skin undergoes recovery process as the cells get replaced. In the morning, therefore the surface of the skin has a lot of dead skin cells and excess fat generated in the night. Using water is not efficient as it does not remove all the excess fats. Using a face cleanser in the morning is the most efficient way to clean the face, which has undergone a lot of repair at night.

Cleansing a face in the
 morning ls also efficient as it eases the process of applying makeup. After using a face cleaner, the skin of the face blends well with the foundation and other cosmetics.

Generally, using the face cleanser in the morning in the morning and night is an excellent way to ensure that one gets a smoother, glowing and perfect face which will also boost any person’s confidence. The cleanser will additionally ensure that one has younger skin. Repeated use of the face cleanser for a long time is advisable.

Professional Lawn Services are awesome

Some individuals basically like working on their lawn. If that’s you, by all means, keep up the efforts of good work. One can have the pride of experience in physical labor, particularly when that labor results in the attractive creation of a perfect lawn. If you’d rather save your time, avoid accidental damages, spare your energy, stress, save money, increase home beauty taste, and have a consistent care of your lawn by hiring professional lawn care services. Trimming and edging your lawn may be interesting especially during weekends but how comfortable are you to complete the work alone? Of course, you may save a little amount of money for other home chores, think of the benefits of hiring a pro from discoverziehler.com/lawn-care-west-chester-ohio/ to take care of your lawn.

To avoid lawn accidental damages, one needs to have basic knowledge of lawn care and maintenance. The majority knows less about lawn care and end up destroying their lawn by cutting grass too short, over-or-under watering and no consistency inspection of the lawn. It can be dangerous and stressful if you want to do lawn work for yourself yet you lack the basic knowledge or have no experience. It is adventitious to Let your lawn be in the save hands of experts by hiring professional lawn care services. They will avoid all common lawn hazards and make your lawn look healthy and attractive all the time.

It looks contradictive saving cash by contracting a lawn service provider to manage your lawn compared to doing it personally. Think it this way. How much will you invest in buying the chemicals, equipment, and other products? Then save time to work on your lawn and give it the professional aesthetic value. Hiring a professional with all this equipment may be cheaper unless you already have the materials. Paying professionals to take care of your lawn reduces the effect of unproductive lawn treatments. Also, assist you not to waste money on products that won’t work on your lawn.

You can reduce the physical labor required to make your lawn by paying professionals to take care of your
lawn. Sometimes it is labor-intensive to always provide care for your own lawn now and then. The aged may
be at risk of getting sunburned, falling, or overexerted when handling their lawn care alone. Also,
inexperienced folks may develop sore muscles and injuries by mishandling equipment and work for a long

A lawn needs consistent care to maintain its beauty and attractiveness. Busy homeowners may lack time to establish actual lawn care routine. Hiring a pro in lawn care will ensure consisted lawn maintenance and easily detect any ineffective products and other lawn hazards. Will notify you and make treatments or adjustments. They will frequently inspect your lawn and show up when you need their services. The experts will efficiently handle more than you could do on your own.

A professionally managed lawn increases home value. A lawn is part of home beauty, adding its esthetic value makes your home look more beautiful and attractive. With a well-kept backyard and fronts will greatly boost your homes check appeal when selling it. Remember, a lawn is one of the potential factors that buyers would like to see at first.

Comparing Merchant Providers

There are many challenges one can face while trying to get a good merchant provider such as unethical agents, expensive contracts as well as hidden fees. To avoid such challenges, the key to picking a good merchant account for your business one needs to put several things into consideration. For instance, one needs to get a provider who can offer excellent support to the customer. Since customer service can change and they may not be available when needed, one need to find out the kind of service being offered and whether its available any time its required in order to avoid frustrations of losing sales when the there is nobody to contact.

Another point to consider is whether the provider meets the specific needs of the business. This is where some merchants may be tempted to go to the providers with lowest prices yet they do not meet the needs of the business. Therefore the best thing to do is to have a list of providers such as Highrisk Solutions that offer services that the business specializes in and choose the one that meets the expectation of the business.

Different service providers offer different rates as well as fees. Therefore it is also important to consider this factor. This is because mostly there is a common price among different providers called tiered pricing they do this so that they not outdo each other in the market. Therefore always when shopping for a best provider, insist on interchange-plus pricing and not tiered pricing. The interchange-plus pricing is better than the tiered pricing as it clears the confusion that the tiers come with. For instance the interchange-plus pricing model, gives a card with cost at predetermined rates that can be interchange. Later they set up their transaction with the merchant.

Often a business can offer contract to service provider and later they decide to cancel the contract based on how their services are. This is not easy process as one would think. This is because the process of cancellation must be done carefully in a manner that prevents the renewing of contract with new addition terms. Therefore it is important to have a contract of monthly basis and no termination fees incurred. However in some cases there are providers who offer merchants an opportunity to raise their issues if they are not satisfied with the service and come to an agreement on how they will conduct the business.

Finally one needs to consider buying credit card processing equipment instead of leasing it. This is because most processors give offers at tempting rates to convince someone that one will save money on an equipment lease but one needs to do a lot of math and have more misinformation so that you don’t sign something which will cost your business as they are binding legally contacts . Therefore one needs to choose a provider who does not advertise equipment leases on long term. One should also do cross checking of all documentation so that you are not cheated to signing contract which you are not aware of.

In conclusion it’s important to understand that one may not get a provider who meets all the requirements. Therefore the key to choosing a good merchant account provider for your business is to stick to your priorities.

Why it’s hard to constantly change your mailing address


There are several reasons why people move homes ranging from business, family, social, or any other personal reasons. Moving homes comes with its associated stress with research ranking among the top ten stressful life events. Among the stress it comes with is about getting a change of mailing address whenever you move home. If you don’t want to miss out on important information and also avoid your mails getting into wrong hands, you need to properly change your mailing address while moving home.

There are several factors and issues that make constantly changing your mailing address stressful and difficult and you need to put that into consideration before making your next decision to move home.

Here are few reasons why it’s hard to constantly change your mailing address without the help of https://www.change-of-address-online.com/us-postal-service-change-of-address.php.

·  You can get exposed to change-of-address scams

You make yourself vulnerable to change of mailing address scams when you constantly move homes. It’s also easy to miss out on important mail. There have been cases of fraudster filing a change of mailing address at the post office on a victim’s name and could further use your credit card information and have them delivered to the new address. This often occurs when the victim is in the habit of changing mailing address frequently. The address is one of the physical location most people use to be identified by.

·  The long process of change in mailing address

The process of changing mailing address is quite long and takes time to effect change thereby making you lose out on important information which could be lost due to change in address. This is one of the most important things to take note of whenever one needs to move. Ideally if you are expecting a very important package, it will be advisable to wait to receive it in your present location before moving as you may not get to complete the processing of the mailing address change on time.

·  Lack of attention to minute details

While you file for a change in mailing address at the post office and set up mail forwarding, a confirmation card is usually sent to both the new address, and the old one. It’s possible for one not to pay close attention to the emails as it may appear as a junk mail. If such a mail is not read to confirm the new address then one will not be able to change to a new mailing address which will lead to loss of valuable information.

·  You will need to constantly update your address with your utilities, school, work, and bank

This could be quite frustrating as every time you move home you will need to approach the utility providers, school, work, and bank to notify them of a change in address. Also your doctor and other acquaintances might need to be informed whenever you move and the mailing address changes.

changing mail address might be difficult but the benefits outweigh the stress. Ensure you change your mailing address whenever you move homes. Bon Voyage!

Reasons to fill up the SS-5 Form

Below are the reasons and how to apply for an either new or taking a social security replacement in New York City. The first step is filling an application form (SS-5) and submitting it by mailing it together with the supporting documents required to the Social Security office or availing them yourself . You can fill this form online by you have to take it personally or by main to the society security offices.

When applying for a social Security number , you have to submit the SS-5 form together with the supporting documents. This is in order to offer proof of the age, the residential Status(whether a US citizen or not) and the reason for applying a social security number . Quite a number of the parents get a Social Security number or their children, some of the reasons is, to make that child a dependent on their inheritance and taxes.

If you are twelve years and above, and have never acquired a Social Security number, you must appear in person at the Social Security offices for an interview. You will also be required to present proof the you have never acquired another Social Security card. You can also obtain a new Social Security card at application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/long-take-get-social-security-card/ if the previous one gets damaged, misplaced, lost or even stolen.

In such cases, the Social Security Administration have set a three times replacement limit of such cards per each calendar year and ten times in a lifetime .Obtaining a replacement card is quite simple and easy ; just fill out the application form and get all necessary documents the required.You can also obtain a social security number in case you need to change your name. This can be because you want to add or drop your spouses name, or any other reason .In addition to basics, an original or a certified copy of your marriage license will be required as proof.

If your immigration status changes, you will require a new card for purposes of your jobs. You will have to issue additional supporting documentsObtaining a replacement Social Security card to correct an mistake made on the previous card is generally the same as obtaining a replacement card for any other stated reason except that you have to attach a note as there is no rectification space in the application form. Another purpose for applying for a card is because after childbirth or after adoption .

The SSA suggests acquiring a Social Security card number for the child. s soon as possible; You can acquire it at the hospital the same time with the birth certificate. In case you are filling out a form on someone else’s behalf, proof of identity will be required. Obtaining a replacement of Social Security card in New York City is not difficult. Just remember to fill out the form properly to avoid mistakes and unnecessary delays, and submit the required documents. Get copies of all the documents you submit for records purposes , and just wait for ten business days to get the new card

Why do People go for Psychic Readings

Many people today wish to know about their future; they want to have immediate answers for their dreams and desires mainly because they struggle with a lot of everyday problems. So, if you need some answers about your dreams and desires, you go for a psychic reading. But why do people go for psychic readings at https://www.cheappsychicreadingss.com?

Want to Predict their Future

A lot of people want to predict if there is a good life in the years to come about them. They want to learn as soon as possible how to choose wisely in their lives, in order to prioritize all those important things in their lives. So, they turn to professionals to have a clearer idea about what lies ahead in every aspect of their lives; they want to know about their love live, their careers and more things.

Look for Answers in their Love Life

People go to psychics when they seek answers to help them overcome various problems in their love life. There are even some fortune tellers today
that claim that they have the power to help them find their soul mates. As a
result, people who are unsatisfied with their partners, go to psychics to seek
positive answers for their love lives in the future. Or they want to know when
they will be married or if their partner is the right one for them.

Want to Improve their Careers

People also go to psychics because they want to know how to become
successful in their jobs or how to win more money. They believe that by going
to a psychic they are going to find their hidden potential that will help them
to boost their career and be more successful. After discovering their hidden
powers, they can make smarter decisions about their next steps in their jobs.
Or they may want to know if it’s good for them to change their careers or how
they can get a promotion in the future.

Need Guidance

Today many people face a lot of problems in their everyday lives and this
is mainly why they visit psychics. Most of the times they feel lost and they
don’t know what to do. So, they turn to fortune tellers for readings, in order
to get some specific answers that they need for direction.

Search for Relationship Advice

If they are going through a problematic relationship, they go to
psychics, in order to learn how they can overcome these kind of situations.
This way they wish to be certain if they should terminate their relationship or
if they have to fight for it.

Want to Find Financial Answers

Many people are looking to make some financial investments and they need
to be sure if they are making the right decision. By going to a psychic, they
wish to get the answers they want in order to proceed with their decision or
not. These kind of decisions are very crucial and this way they are more
certain that they are doing the right thing.

People go to psychics for many other reasons, such as family or health
problems. This way they want to get positive answers to do the right thing in
order to improve their lives.

Neuropathy and Nerve Damage

Neuropathy i.e. peripheral neuropathy is a health condition that occurs when the functioning of peripheral nerves are disrupted or damaged. The nerves are responsible for a wide range of functions including involuntary organ-activity, stimuli perception and voluntary movement of the muscles. Neuropathy affects the nerves responsible for carrying out these functions. Although its cause can be as a result of underlying medical conditions, sometimes it can be as a result of an unidentifiable cause, as seen on the blog post on nervepaintreatment.org.

Neuropathy affects single or multiple nerves simultaneously and its symptoms include muscle cramps, muscle paralysis, sharp burning/freezing/throbbing pain, increased sensitivity to touch, impotence, reduced vision, tingling/numbness in hands or feet, loss of bowel or bladder control, dizziness etc. These symptoms can take years to manifest which means that your short-term habits can lead to long-term or lifelong health problems.

Why Eating a Balanced Diet is Important for Neuropathy

Because neuropathy affects the nerves, its treatment usually involves management of the underlying causes of nerve problems and this includes eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. The main reason as to why you have proper diet when you are affected by neuropathy is because poor nutrition and certain types of food can aggravate the condition. Foods with high amounts of carbohydrates may worsen neuropathy due to high amounts of sugar which increase nerve damage. It is therefore important to avoid refined and added sugars found in pastries, candies, cookies, waffles and ice cream.

Neuropathy requires you to eat different varieties of food such as vegetables, fresh fruits, poultry, meat, fish, dairy products as well as healthy fats. it’s also important to incorporate carbohydrate i.e. starch in your diet but ensure that you keep track of when and how much you eat the carbs because they have an immediate effect on the amount of blood sugar in the body. Some of the carbohydrates that you can add to your diet include bread, pasta, grains, and cereals. Lean proteins such as low-fat dairy products and poultry contribute to tissue repairs and building of lean muscles all which are important for nerve development. Fruits and vegetables such as kales, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, kiwi, berries, watermelons etc. contain various assortments of minerals, vitamins, nutrients and dietary fibers that are valuable in supporting the immune system.

Other Diet Considerations

If you are suffering from neuropathy, it is important to avoid foods with high amounts of salt because they pose high risks of increased blood pressure in the body. It’s also necessary for you to avoid alcoholic drinks because alcohol is highly toxic to nerves and it may worsen some of the neuropathy symptoms such as pain, numbness and body coordination. Furthermore, it also causes nutritional deficiencies that can worsen neuropathy. Smoking leads to detrimental health effects and that too includes worsening of neuropathy.

A balanced diet is important in treating neuropathy because eating healthy meals and making appropriate dietary changes not only enhances the immune system, it also reduces chances of increased neuropathy complications. You can also add dietary supplements to your diet since they help to ease neuropathy symptoms.

Has your Business IT Infrastructure been compromised?

How to Tell If Your Business IT Has Been Compromised

Businesses (both big and small) are often targets for corporate cybercrime and are often hacked due to the lack of a robust network security. It is difficult to stay on top of your network security, especially if you are a small business owner because it is difficult to find and gather the resources required for that task. If your business operates through a web application, this can ruin your reputation because it is the face of your business that has been compromised.

It is often easy to identify when a website or a web application has been compromised, but not always. According to a 2016 M-Trends report from FireEye, the time from security compromise to discover has dropped to 99 days in 2016. Every attack is different and it’s important to recognize it on time. Here are some signs that cybercriminals may have compromised your business’ IT network, based on research at www.ScarlettCulture.com.

Signs of security breaches

1. Suspicious activity from executive accounts

Employees often don’t question activity from accounts of their senior business leaders. This is why hijacking email accounts of business executives and leveraging them is one of the best ways to get valuable information. For example, a company accountant gets an email from a CFO asking for a payment to a marketing firm. The mail is written in the same style and requests funds in amounts similar to other CFO’s requests. In order to protect your business from these phishing scams, your employees need to be suspicious of any potentially-fishy activity.

2. Ransomware message

A ransomware message is the most blatant sign that your business IT has been hacked. You’ll know when it occurs because your system will lock you out or you’ll receive a notification. This kind of attack can go in different ways – you pay the ransom and the hackers provide you the key to unlock your system or just ignore you. If you don’t want to pay the ransom, use the backups of your data to overhaul your network. In case you haven’t backed up your data, then you will need to pay and hope that the attackers will give you the key to unlock the system.

3. Unusual or increased network activity

If you notice increased or unusual network activity, this may be a sign that your business has been hacked. Hackers tend to leave traces if you know where to look for them. For example, if you notice sudden spikes in outbound DNS traffic, it can mean that botnets have infected your network. Also, a sign of hacking activities can be the appearance of large unknown files. A DoS (denial of service) attack can serve as a cover or distraction for a much deeper system penetration – while you deal with the primary security breach, the hackers are orchestrating a secondary one.

Use of privileged accounts during off-hours, mismatched system logs, unauthorized downloads, unsolicited webcam activity, large ICMP packets, and failed login attempts are all signs of potential security breaches.

How to protect your business IT

There various things that a business owner can do to protect their IT network and website from potential exposure. Add maintenance and security to your IT network, stay informed about the latest threats and what they’re targeting, tighten your network security, update your software, and strengthen access control by making strong usernames and passwords that are hard to guess. Also, use the SSL protocol to protect personal information between your database and website, backup your data regularly, and utilize malware scanning programs to detect unusual activity.

Having your business IT compromised happens, even though it is not a pleasant experience. This is why it is important to know how to identify a security breach, in order to maintain business continuity and minimize the damage.

Cyber Security and Business IT


Cyber security can be acknowledged as the security imposed on computer systems against damages on software, hardware, information, theft and other factors like misinterpretation or disruptions. Essentially, aspects of cyber security call for control on the hardware systems against physical accesses from outside parties and other harm which may be imposed through network connections, injection of codes and data as well.

Some operators may uphold malpractices through accidental or intentional manners thus resulting in a fail in cyber security. As an undisputable factor, IT can conceptually be seen as subject to errors through falling into tricks which eventually end up in deviating it from its secure platforms. With an increased reliance on computers, many companies are moving towards a digitally foreseen world. The desires to make work easier leads companies into adopting IT as a convenient mode for carrying out their activities. With this in mind, the question to be asked is, why are more companies getting hacked every year?

Reason as to why cyber attacks happen
Cyber attacks have been on the rise as more companies are being attacked every year. This has led to increased tension in the amount of security that needs to be adopted through security firms such as http://www.scarlettculture.com/. Ideally, it turns out to be difficult while trying to figure out those who are to be held responsible for these cyber attacks. Almost every company falls under cyber threats and attacks from unknown sources.

The number of DDoS attacks ends up weakening the servers of a company’s systems. Over one million malicious programs get to be created each day with the intention of weakening the IT securities of companies. Some attacks may be crude thus can be defended against easily. Other attacks are however vital thus difficult to figure out on how to defend against them. Attackers usually target weakened spots from which the attacks may be unexpected by the companies. There are really dangerous attacks which tend to exploit security holes which the subject company may not have discovered in their software.

Defences to cyber attacks
Companies are expected to uphold their defense systems against the rising amount of cyber attacks being witnessed. This calls for a tight security check on the company’s cyber system. Companies are assumed to utilized over 75% of the cyber defense systems in the policing of their networks. The systems are entailed to deliver regular warnings and alerts to the security staffs. It might be hard for companies to correlate the various alerts and warnings coming from the many different security systems. In case of a booby trap or phishing email sent by an attacker, it becomes easier to break through the company’s security systems. An insider may also assist in weakening the security systems when they give out important information pertaining the companies cyber system.

Understanding why more companies are being attacked every year over their cuber systems will allow us to learn on what needs to be improved in their security systems. Apparently, attackers usually look for loop holes before going ahead with their attacks. With the rise in cyber attacks, companies need to upgrade and improve their cyber security systems. They need to prepare for the day they might be breached instead of relying on the technological aspects of keeping them safe and secure from attacks.