Has your Business IT Infrastructure been compromised?

How to Tell If Your Business IT Has Been Compromised

Businesses (both big and small) are often targets for corporate cybercrime and are often hacked due to the lack of a robust network security. It is difficult to stay on top of your network security, especially if you are a small business owner because it is difficult to find and gather the resources required for that task. If your business operates through a web application, this can ruin your reputation because it is the face of your business that has been compromised.

It is often easy to identify when a website or a web application has been compromised, but not always. According to a 2016 M-Trends report from FireEye, the time from security compromise to discover has dropped to 99 days in 2016. Every attack is different and it’s important to recognize it on time. Here are some signs that cybercriminals may have compromised your business’ IT network, based on research at www.ScarlettCulture.com.

Signs of security breaches

1. Suspicious activity from executive accounts

Employees often don’t question activity from accounts of their senior business leaders. This is why hijacking email accounts of business executives and leveraging them is one of the best ways to get valuable information. For example, a company accountant gets an email from a CFO asking for a payment to a marketing firm. The mail is written in the same style and requests funds in amounts similar to other CFO’s requests. In order to protect your business from these phishing scams, your employees need to be suspicious of any potentially-fishy activity.

2. Ransomware message

A ransomware message is the most blatant sign that your business IT has been hacked. You’ll know when it occurs because your system will lock you out or you’ll receive a notification. This kind of attack can go in different ways – you pay the ransom and the hackers provide you the key to unlock your system or just ignore you. If you don’t want to pay the ransom, use the backups of your data to overhaul your network. In case you haven’t backed up your data, then you will need to pay and hope that the attackers will give you the key to unlock the system.

3. Unusual or increased network activity

If you notice increased or unusual network activity, this may be a sign that your business has been hacked. Hackers tend to leave traces if you know where to look for them. For example, if you notice sudden spikes in outbound DNS traffic, it can mean that botnets have infected your network. Also, a sign of hacking activities can be the appearance of large unknown files. A DoS (denial of service) attack can serve as a cover or distraction for a much deeper system penetration – while you deal with the primary security breach, the hackers are orchestrating a secondary one.

Use of privileged accounts during off-hours, mismatched system logs, unauthorized downloads, unsolicited webcam activity, large ICMP packets, and failed login attempts are all signs of potential security breaches.

How to protect your business IT

There various things that a business owner can do to protect their IT network and website from potential exposure. Add maintenance and security to your IT network, stay informed about the latest threats and what they’re targeting, tighten your network security, update your software, and strengthen access control by making strong usernames and passwords that are hard to guess. Also, use the SSL protocol to protect personal information between your database and website, backup your data regularly, and utilize malware scanning programs to detect unusual activity.

Having your business IT compromised happens, even though it is not a pleasant experience. This is why it is important to know how to identify a security breach, in order to maintain business continuity and minimize the damage.

Cyber Security and Business IT


Cyber security can be acknowledged as the security imposed on computer systems against damages on software, hardware, information, theft and other factors like misinterpretation or disruptions. Essentially, aspects of cyber security call for control on the hardware systems against physical accesses from outside parties and other harm which may be imposed through network connections, injection of codes and data as well.

Some operators may uphold malpractices through accidental or intentional manners thus resulting in a fail in cyber security. As an undisputable factor, IT can conceptually be seen as subject to errors through falling into tricks which eventually end up in deviating it from its secure platforms. With an increased reliance on computers, many companies are moving towards a digitally foreseen world. The desires to make work easier leads companies into adopting IT as a convenient mode for carrying out their activities. With this in mind, the question to be asked is, why are more companies getting hacked every year?

Reason as to why cyber attacks happen
Cyber attacks have been on the rise as more companies are being attacked every year. This has led to increased tension in the amount of security that needs to be adopted through security firms such as http://www.scarlettculture.com/. Ideally, it turns out to be difficult while trying to figure out those who are to be held responsible for these cyber attacks. Almost every company falls under cyber threats and attacks from unknown sources.

The number of DDoS attacks ends up weakening the servers of a company’s systems. Over one million malicious programs get to be created each day with the intention of weakening the IT securities of companies. Some attacks may be crude thus can be defended against easily. Other attacks are however vital thus difficult to figure out on how to defend against them. Attackers usually target weakened spots from which the attacks may be unexpected by the companies. There are really dangerous attacks which tend to exploit security holes which the subject company may not have discovered in their software.

Defences to cyber attacks
Companies are expected to uphold their defense systems against the rising amount of cyber attacks being witnessed. This calls for a tight security check on the company’s cyber system. Companies are assumed to utilized over 75% of the cyber defense systems in the policing of their networks. The systems are entailed to deliver regular warnings and alerts to the security staffs. It might be hard for companies to correlate the various alerts and warnings coming from the many different security systems. In case of a booby trap or phishing email sent by an attacker, it becomes easier to break through the company’s security systems. An insider may also assist in weakening the security systems when they give out important information pertaining the companies cyber system.

Understanding why more companies are being attacked every year over their cuber systems will allow us to learn on what needs to be improved in their security systems. Apparently, attackers usually look for loop holes before going ahead with their attacks. With the rise in cyber attacks, companies need to upgrade and improve their cyber security systems. They need to prepare for the day they might be breached instead of relying on the technological aspects of keeping them safe and secure from attacks.

Why Custom Full Color Printed bags are more expensive

Custom full color printed bags are a powerful tool one can use to communicate their message to whatever audience. Whether you are a seller promoting your product or service or simply want to coronate an event with beautiful custom printed bags, it is always rewarding efforts. Full-color well-printed bags are a sight to behold, vibrant and breathtaking, conspicuously communicating its intended message that can never miss its audience.
However, with high quality, one can expect costs worth the value. Several reasons explain what makes full color printed bags more expensive. These include;

1. Material Used in Making the bags.
From base material to the lamination finishes, the material used in making full color printed bags are relatively expensive, at least for high-quality bags. Whether you settle on laminated woven or non-woven polypropylene material which in most cases are most popular and recommended, the costs are relatively higher. Besides, these bags are made with durable handle material which are also expensive and thus making the bag more expensive.

2. Design and colors used.
The artwork involved in making full color printed bags is not only demanding but also costly. A lot of design and creativity is employed to achieve the desired goal. In most cases, professional graphic designers are involved which increases the cost of production. The artwork is the bag because the message on the bag usually is in the artwork. So one can not settle for average designs when the intention is to achieve excellence. Besides, different colors have varied qualities and uniqueness. The more colors involved the high chances of higher production cost.

3. Bag Styles and Sizes.
Whether it is a grocery bag, tote bag or gift bag, the style and size of the bag will definitely affect the cost of the bag. Most full color printed bags come in round corner and squared cornered style, both in which plate charges are slightly higher. Most color printed bags are produced in consideration of the visibility and readability of the artwork or writings for that matter. In this case, the need for visibility more of a priority than the actual use of the bag. As a result, bigger sizes are considered which means more material used and consequently, higher prices.

4. Other Bag Customization
More customization requires more material to be used. For instance, some full color customized printed bags come with metallic printings, other with fluorescent inks. These material add extra costs in the production of such bags which makes them more expensive in the market.

5. Number of Orders
Most companies give discounts only on a specific number of orders depending on the company policies. Any order below the specified number is usually more expensive. This is why most of these bags are viewed to be more expensive.

Custom full color printed bags have proven to be the ideal bags be it shopping, gift or communicating to a given audience. Like in any other line of production, high value goes hand in hand with high costs and consequently high prices. However, the high rates cannot overshadow the significant benefits that the bags can bring.

Why you should not repair your iPhone by yourself

iPhone is indeed the most expensive and valuable mobile phone in the world with Apple being the biggest name in modern gadgets industry. iPhone’s screen is more sensitive than many other mobile phones and thus prone to damage when it’s fallen. Also, any other damage can happen to your phone, and there are plenty of videos available on YouTube. Many people try to repair experts and fix it on their own. This can indeed be very dangerous for you as well as your pocket. The iPhone is very highly tech designed phone with minute specifications. It can be seen that taking the risk of repairing such expensive phone can be very costly. Repairing it on your own can make the situation worse. There are many legit reasons not to fix your iPhone in Phoenix or on your own, and some are presented below.

• Can be more complex than we think- iPhone has very complex engineering in manufacturing, and it isn’t easy to open even, let alone to fix things. To open an iPhone’s battery, you need great expertise otherwise it will damage your entire phone along with the existing battery.

• Parts can be misplaced and are very delicate- phones have tiny, small parts including a large number of screws. While trying to fix an iPhone on your own, you can end up either losing those small screws or put them in the wrong position. Moreover, tiny parts inside the phone including the motherboard are very delicate and should be handled by care. People at support centers are trained and do this job every day. Thus they know how to handle them.

• Loss of repair warranty- as a clause in Apple’s warranty it states that if you try to fix it yourself or do any alternations in the system, your one-year free repair warranty will be considered void. There are chances your phone might not work if you try to fix it and you will lose company’s warranty also. Repair shops usually give you a warranty when you assign them the job.

• It can be dangerous- correct tools are required to repair phones which you may not have at home. Normal screw drivers which we use in everyday life do not work for phones, and they require minute ones. Also to fix a phone’s screen, the high temperature is required to loosen it. While doing this at home, you may cause an accident hurting you. You may also damage other parts of the phone and shatter the screen completely.

• Loss of touch ID- the home button in iPhone has a fingerprint sensor, and it is paired to the phone at the factory. When this button is replaced, Apple detects that this sensor is replaced and takes it as a security violation. Apple will immediately shut down you touch ID forever, and the phone will start giving error 53 which is a mistake for hardware swap.

• Can be very expensive- when you try fixing a phone by changing parts, it can be more expensive as the parts you order online are generally of low quality and can either damage your phone or will stop working within few weeks. Repair shops are authorized ones and use Apple’s approved parts.

How much should you pay for CAD-CAM Software

Financing is something that plays a role in multiple areas of our life today. Without solid financing, a lot of things might seem relatively hard to achieve. While it is a commonplace to get financing for your home, car or even education, there might also be a need to obtain financing for software, particular things like CAD/CAM.


A couple of reasons why financing is worthwhile are listed below.


Tackling high costs

Bob CAD/CAM is quite expensive to buy on your own. They usually cost a small fortune, and buying it with your savings is next to impossible. To tackle these kinds of costs, you require help, which can be provided with a suitable kind of financing option. Reliable financing can distribute costs over a comfortable period.


Providing flexibility in choosing

With CAD/CAM software financing, you can go in for more than just a few software. Unlike the situation wherein you can buy just one or two tools with your own money, software financing helps you pick out all the tools that you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently.


CAD/CAM Software Financing: 4 Factors to Consider

CAD/CAM software is a type of software that is used for finance purposes only and thus is not used by everyone. They are only of use to people who specialize in using such kind of software and have studied about it and know its techniques and how to go about using it. The main users of this type of software are the people that belong to the manufacturing units and industries or the secondary sector of the economy. The main designers who deal with the making of products, on the other hand, use the CAM software. While using such software, the people get awed by the different kinds of things that it has to offer and thus often lose track of what they wanted or needed in the first place itself.


Installing the Software:

Also, while installing the software keep in mind that you do not purchase something because of which you have to format or re install everything else that you already have, but try and use software which will fit into your already installed database. The software that you install should also be able to handle the entire

a database that already exists in your computer’s memory and should be able to work with it without creating any issues.


Upgrading the Software:

Also, you should be able to update the software later if required without much hassle, and it should also not come at a very hefty price. Try and buy software from a renowned company so as to avoid any kinds of fraud. If you are not certain as to whatever to buy, you can always do a little bit of research on the internet or ask other people who have used such software before so that you don’t end up purchasing something that is of no use to you.


When you are involved with building your website, it is quite easy to get carried away and not know how to control the costs. If this is the case, then you need to refrain from going overboard. To prevent an untoward situation with the finances, go for a financing plan which will protect unforeseen expenses and ensure continued development.


When money is not a problem anymore, you will be amazed at how good the website can really look. Avoid any delays and go in for affordable software financing right away.

Why is it important to know math in school

Math, you probably get shivers down your spine when you hear this word. Math is one of the most feared subjects in school; there is nothing worse for a student than the terror of math.

Most students see math tuition as something hard, troublesome, not worth it, even though there are a lot of benefits that come along with learning math.


I bet you think that math, especially high-level math is not useful at all, the only things you will use in life from math are the simple exercises like adding, subtracting, multiplying and diving.

Well, you may be right when it comes to the usual life use, especially if you have no intention of working in a domain that has anything to do with math.


The trick is, math is not important necessarily for the exercises you learn to do, it’s more about the effect it has on your brain and other areas of your life.


Math is training your brain. (Imagine math is like going to the gym, only that you don’t grow muscles, you get smarter). This will help you with anything life will throw at you, you will be able to think better in critical situations, you will have a logical approach in your arsenal when you deal with problems. Also, being smarter will allow you to get better jobs in any area or industry.

Math teaches you to play with money. It’s the same thing as playing with numbers, after all, money is described in numbers. If you know math, you will make more money, because you will have access to well-paid jobs, most of the math-related jobs are well-paid, this will make your life easier, after all, who doesn’t want to make more money.


You will also lose less money. Since you have a logical thinking and you know your way around numbers, you are less probably to spend money on stupid things, on statistically bad ventures and other stuff that might damage your economies.


Math will help you adapt better in a world that is constantly changing.

Technology is booming, every few years there is a big shift that changes the way we live life with the use of new technology. If you know math, this won’t be something scary for you; things will come naturally because you will understand the processes behind things, how they work and why they work that way. Again, it will have a positive effect on your career too, because jobs will have more and more use of technology.


Math will make your life easier.

You will have to work hard during school, especially high school to learn math, but it’s just like an investment, you are investing hours of your time to be good at math, but you will make your life easier in the following years. For example, being accepted at a good college, knowing math will grant you a place at the best colleges around, you will thank math after you finish college and get a well-paid job, trust me.


You see, math is after all something great, maybe not during the learning process, but as soon as you get a little idea of how it works, everything will be a lot more fun, and you will improve many aspects of your life.


I hope this article made you see math in another light, a better one. You don’t have to make math your life goal, just give more attention to it and make your life better!


Math will help you adapt better in a world that is constantly changing.

Technology is booming, every few years there is a big shift that changes the way we live life with the use of new technology. If you know math, this won’t be something scary for you; things will come naturally because you will understand the processes behind things, how they work and why they work that way. Again, it will have a positive effect on your career too, because jobs will have more and more use of technology.


Math will make your life easier.

You will have to work hard during school, especially high school to learn math, but it’s just like an investment, you are investing hours of your time to be good at math, but you will make your life easier in the following years. For example, being accepted at a good college, knowing math will grant you a place at the best colleges around, you will thank math after you finish college and get a well-paid job, trust me.


You see, math is after all something great, maybe not during the learning process, but as soon as you get a little idea of how it works, everything will be a lot more fun, and you will improve many aspects of your life.


I hope this article made you see math in another light, a better one. You don’t have to make math your life goal, just give more attention to it and make your life better! You can easily contact any one of them for private tuitions.


Most kids are visual learners. They certainly have a grasp of the basics taught to them with the help of demonstrations and illustrations. Of course, these need to be innovatively offered so that they can strike the focus and interest of the pupils. The learning activities and materials should also be relative to the age and comprehension level of each student. Physics tutors are educated to use multi-sensory techniques in teaching this most detested subject. There should be a diversity of their activities, so the youngsters won’t find the learning process dull.

Why you should install a spy app on your kids’ iPhones

A concerned parent should always make sure that their kids are safe at all time. This safety includes making sure that they are doing what they tell you to and not up to some mischievous stuff. This is why having a spy app on their phone will help you fell more at ease knowing what they are up to, who they are with and where they are. It can assist you as a parent prevent a lot of things from happening to your kid or from them doing something idiotic.

It is in this light that you will find this app very useful in their phones, and the best part about it is that they won’t know that it is there at all. What this gives you is independent power to monitor your kid in such a way that it will be beneficial to them as well as yourself never having to worry about what they are up to anymore. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should install a spy app on your kids’ iPhones, or you could click here to learn more about the spy app as well.

Safety for them

This means that you will automatically know if any threat comes to your kids and this can be through their phone. If someone ever tries kidnapping your child and you don’t know where they are the app can help you understand that. This is great as a lot of parents tend to worry that something bad might happen to their kid and it is always good to keep track of where they are at all times. You can never be always there to keep an eye on them physically but with this app, all that can be of less worry as you have this to do that for you.

Know where the kids are

This is one of the key things that this app is highly useful and efficient as well in what it does. If your kid is lying to you about their whereabouts, this will tell you where they specifically are, and you can debunk them for the lies they told you. It is most useful in making sure that they are not up to anything that is illegal or might cause injury or harm to them. You can never be too careful with everything around, and if you especially have a daughter, you know how useful this app is. A remarkable way of knowing where your kid is without the asking them too many questions and they feel like you don’t trust them.

Know who they are in contact with

It is imperative that you get to know who your kids are in constant communication with as it will help you guide them better and be able to make practical decisions based on facts. They could be in contact with drug dealers, and you do not know that they are, but with the help of this app, you get to know everything. It can allow help understand where the kid is going wrong and what can be done to correct them. What this app does is give you the ability to shape your kids future.

What is digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a way of promoting a particular product or brand by using various electronic media. The method varies from traditional marketing, and it includes the use of methods and channels that make an enterprise to analyze marketing campaigns and to understand how it works and what’s not. Digital Marketing is something that helps us to promote our website via electronic means. It differs from the traditional way of marketing because it involves the use of social channels and other means which are available on the internet. One of the biggest digital marketing gurus is Kotton Grammer, be sure to check him out.

Digital marketing is very important in the current rapidly growing playing field in marketing, It can set as the marketing future, and it is sure that traditional forms will soon demolish by replacing digital media altogether.

But older generations will habituate of books, traditional TV, newspapers, and radio broadcasts. The brave new world of digital consumption is already embracing with the mobile phones and the internet as a God-given right.

Digital marketing methods and communication are faster, streamlined and practical, more versatile are the facts. Available technology became quickly moving into digital age perhaps unsurprising. Marketers are potential as it does to consumers and offers digital is the good news.

Before having a glance at digital marketing benefits will have a quick snapshot of some key forms at present:


Websites and SEO content

Online video content

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Email marketing

Internet banner ads

Mobile marketing

Social media marketing

Comparing to Traditional offline marketing method, digital marketing methods are more efficient and infinitely more affordable.

Conducting marketing digitally is very easy and has more benefits by this results can be monitored and tracked. Instead of doing customer expensive research, can measure and rate the success of real-time marketing campaign, will help you to plan effectively for next one.

For incorporating the strongest case of a digital element that digital media forms into your marketing are overtaking quickly information consumption of traditional forms. According to national statistics office, in first 3months of the year adults of 82% went online over forty million individuals.

Digital media is penetrating the access of information at any place, and anytime they need it. The days when people got messages about your services or products from you and consisted what you want them to know. The ever-growing source of entertainment, shopping, news, social interaction, and consumers are now getting to know what a company says about the company brand, but what media, peers, relatives, friends, etc., in digital media. People only want trusted brands and companies which are well known to them, communications which are relevant and personalized and offers to their preferences and needs.

Digital marketing and the channels associated with it are important. Knowing the customers is not just enough; you have to know them good and better enough than any other else then you can use them when what and how they need good expectations and preferences across channels — social media, web, direct mail, mobile, the point of sale, etc. To create and anticipate consistent, coordinated experiences of a customer. The brief you look into preferences and behavior, of customer likes and engaging them with effective interactions.

Three keys to the success of Digital Marketing:

Engaging the relationships with customers across channels of all variety — both traditional and digital

Initiating the customer interactions in a dynamic way and responding to them.

To make decisions good enough and faster by extracting the value from big data.

Choose a right pillow for your bed

A good night’s rest is very necessary to stay well. When you sleep, your body rests, and all your muscles get a repair. Proper sleep leads to stress-free life and weight loss as well.

But many people find it difficult to sleep and are uncomfortable at night. If you are among the sleep deprived, the cause of your problem may just be beneath your head. The solution to your disturbed nights may be as simple as substituting your pillows. The only answer is not just about getting a new pillow but also to buy a right one. You will be amazed at how your one perfect pillow can enhance the quality of your slumber.

Like most things in life, finding the best pillow which will be highly comfortable and durable, depends on you. Firstly, you must know how many pillows you need to sleep comfortably and Secondly the type of pillow you are looking for. Find a right pillow in respect of shape and size and according to your sleeping preference.

Think about the type of pillows you need. Do you want a firm pillow to prop your head against when you read or a soft pillow that you can bend? Before buying a pillow do keep the consequences in mind especially regarding allergies.

How do you sleep?

It is critical for you to know your sleeping position. If you are a back sleeper, then you may likely need a contour-shaped memory foam pillow. Such pillows are highly soft and comfortable providing support to your head and neck.

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, then you must go for the pillow which is both soft and flat as sleeping on the stomach can cause neck problems. These pillows will reduce the strains and minimize the pain as well.
For people who side sleepers, a pillow that is both firm and soft usually does the trick.

Feather and down pillows are soft, comfortable and make you feel like you are sleeping on clouds. These pillows can be expensive, but a symbol of luxury and comfort.

You may have to try out various pillows until you find one that is soft and within your price range. If you are allergic to down or feather pillows, synthetic pillows are a nice alternative. These pillows are made of synthetic polymers and fibers and come in an array of sizes, shapes, and firmness.

You may have heard of memory foam mattresses, these pillows have turned many people into converts. You no longer have to keep fluffing your pillow until you get it just the way you like it because of the pillow molds to your body. Memory foam mattresses are bliss for those suffering from neck and back pain.

Such pillows allow you to keep your neck aligned with your spine. Memory foam pillows have been credited with providing peaceful sleep for the entire household because they also reduce snoring. You can wake up feeling fresh and spry, without a tight neck or a stiff back.
Not only do pillows help you sleep right, but they can also jazz up your bedroom. Decorate your bed with pillows with bright, colorful pillowcases in accent colors. Your pillows can bring out the color of your walls, carpet, comforter or curtains.

The right pillow can help you sleep better and living a stress-free and start a fresh morning without body aches. Sweet dreams!

The Tummy Tuck Belt Complete guide

Need to slim your belly without changing your style of living? The Tummy Tuck Belt is a slimming system that claims to be a 10-minute solution to trimming your waist that ignites a fat burner chain response. The Tummy Tuck Slimming System can continue burning fat even for three hours after you’ve stopped using it – here’s the guide to the Best Tummy Tuck Belts.

How the Tummy Tuck Belt Works

Produced using a flexible, soft, space-age material, the Tuck Belt applies compression to your midsection, which is asserted to assist provide you with an automatic slimming look. Not at all like other slimming garments, however, the Tuck Belt is asserted to touch off a fat consuming chain response that continues to reduce your belly fat long after it’s been removed. It accomplishes the role in one of three ways:

Wear the Tummy Tuck Belt underneath your garments. This permits you to instantly compress belly fat, without making any alterations to your present eating routine or exercise level.

Take after the ten Minute Tummy Tuck Method twice every day, which is asserted to gradually slim belly fat, without any changes to eating regimen or exercise. This involves applying the Thermal Cream to your midsection, fitting the Tummy Tuck Belt over your midsection, and afterward performing 2 minutes of waiting for abdominal contractions. At that point, following 10 minutes have passed, evacuate the Belt. As per the product’s site, the Thermal Cream will continue slimming your belly for up to 3 hours a while later.

For faster results, you can finish the ten Min Tummy Tuck Method in the morning, and afterward, include exercise at some other point amid the day. The organization claims that wearing the Tummy Tuck in combination with exercise makes it 2X more effective at burning belly fat than with exercise alone

The Tummy Tuck Slimming System is accessible in three different sizes for men and ladies, and incorporates the accompanying:


The Tummy Tuck Belt is currently valued at two installments of $20.99 (aggregate of $40.98), in addition to $10.83 dispatching and taking care of. While standard transportation implies that you’ll get the product in 2-3 weeks, you can likewise pick 3-5 business day shipping for an extra $14.32.

Remember that starting 30 days after your initial request, you’ll begin receiving a 2-month supply of Thermal Accelerator Cream like every 60 days, and your Visa will be charged $19.99 in addition to $7.00 S&H each time.

All Tummy Tuck Belts accompany a 30-day unconditional promise, less sending and taking care of charges. While you don’t have to contact the organization before returning the product for a refund, you should contact customer service to confirm.


Claims to help you slim away belly fat in only two 10-minute sessions every day.

The slimming belt can be worn under your garments for an instant, throughout the day slimming.

30-day unconditional promise.


The most common complaints refer to the inability to work, difficulty acquiring a refund, and poor customer service.

Money back guarantee does exclude sending and taking care of charges.

Water, C12-15, Alkyl Benzoate, Glycerin, Caffeine, Ethoxydiglycol,Stearyl liquor, Magnesium Silicate, Dimethicone, Glyceryl, Copolymer, Stearic corrosive, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene glycol, Allantoin, Kola nut, and Phospholipids,

Finally, if you order the Tummy Tuck Belt and decide to return it, make sure to track your package.