Cyber Security and Business IT


Cyber security can be acknowledged as the security imposed on computer systems against damages on software, hardware, information, theft and other factors like misinterpretation or disruptions. Essentially, aspects of cyber security call for control on the hardware systems against physical accesses from outside parties and other harm which may be imposed through network connections, injection of codes and data as well.

Some operators may uphold malpractices through accidental or intentional manners thus resulting in a fail in cyber security. As an undisputable factor, IT can conceptually be seen as subject to errors through falling into tricks which eventually end up in deviating it from its secure platforms. With an increased reliance on computers, many companies are moving towards a digitally foreseen world. The desires to make work easier leads companies into adopting IT as a convenient mode for carrying out their activities. With this in mind, the question to be asked is, why are more companies getting hacked every year?

Reason as to why cyber attacks happen
Cyber attacks have been on the rise as more companies are being attacked every year. This has led to increased tension in the amount of security that needs to be adopted through security firms such as Ideally, it turns out to be difficult while trying to figure out those who are to be held responsible for these cyber attacks. Almost every company falls under cyber threats and attacks from unknown sources.

The number of DDoS attacks ends up weakening the servers of a company’s systems. Over one million malicious programs get to be created each day with the intention of weakening the IT securities of companies. Some attacks may be crude thus can be defended against easily. Other attacks are however vital thus difficult to figure out on how to defend against them. Attackers usually target weakened spots from which the attacks may be unexpected by the companies. There are really dangerous attacks which tend to exploit security holes which the subject company may not have discovered in their software.

Defences to cyber attacks
Companies are expected to uphold their defense systems against the rising amount of cyber attacks being witnessed. This calls for a tight security check on the company’s cyber system. Companies are assumed to utilized over 75% of the cyber defense systems in the policing of their networks. The systems are entailed to deliver regular warnings and alerts to the security staffs. It might be hard for companies to correlate the various alerts and warnings coming from the many different security systems. In case of a booby trap or phishing email sent by an attacker, it becomes easier to break through the company’s security systems. An insider may also assist in weakening the security systems when they give out important information pertaining the companies cyber system.

Understanding why more companies are being attacked every year over their cuber systems will allow us to learn on what needs to be improved in their security systems. Apparently, attackers usually look for loop holes before going ahead with their attacks. With the rise in cyber attacks, companies need to upgrade and improve their cyber security systems. They need to prepare for the day they might be breached instead of relying on the technological aspects of keeping them safe and secure from attacks.