How much does it cost to go fishing in Dubai?

Dubai is known for a lot of things: incredibly tall hotels like the Burj al Arab, ski Dubai in the remarkable Mall of the Emirates and wonderful beaches and leisure facilities. One thing it’s probably not particularly famous for is its fishing. Dubai is actually filled with all kinds of wondrous aquatic creatures. It is one of the top sailfish destinations in the world and is overflowing with species like tuna, cobia, barracuda and kingfish.


Of course, like everything in the emirate there are some costs involved. However, if you know what you want and are careful about which tour you decide to go with it shouldn’t be all that expensive. If you are interested in top-of-the-line fishing, then you can opt for the luxury boat route. With these kinds of tours your operator will provide you with food, all the fishing apparatus you need and a beautifully peaceful destination in the middle of the sea, where you can relax and enjoy some deep-sea fishing. This will probably set you back between $200 and $250.


There are lots of other options available. Places like, for instance, offer Big Game Fishing. You sail up to 45km away form the marina and the tour involves both trolling and bottom fishing and hopes to see guests catch barracudas and king barracudas, among other aquatic species. As you’d expect all equipment comes as part of the fee and the company’s expert staff are on board to offer advice as needed.


A more relaxed evening is the fishing and BBQ option. Here, guests get to cruise around the Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab on the company’s luxury yacht before switching to an even bigger boat to cook and eat whatever it is they catch. offers weekend trips for around $500 (the price is considerably less on weekdays). The tour includes a 4-hour fishing charter, equipment, food and the supervision of two crewmembers. They have two boats available for fishing trips dubai, which are docked at the Dubai International Marine Club.


Of course, if you are going to go fishing in the region you are probably going to need to know a little about the when the best time to fish is. You should look to plan your trip between October and March. Fishing tends to be a little slower in area’s summer months. As you’ll have noticed the activity can be quite expensive if you want to stretch it out over a few days. However, if you are only looking to get away from it all for a couple of hours you can arrange a tour for around $200. Of course, it is possible to just rent a motorboat and buy the equipment yourself. If you know a little about the best places to fish as well as being able to navigate the controls of a motorboat then why not take this option? Alternatively, you can always just head to somewhere like Garhoud Bridge (which can be fished on both sides) for a much more cost-effective and relaxing fishing experience. Whatever you decide, remember that there are plenty of fishing options available.