What is digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a way of promoting a particular product or brand by using various electronic media. The method varies from traditional marketing, and it includes the use of methods and channels that make an enterprise to analyze marketing campaigns and to understand how it works and what’s not. Digital Marketing is something that helps us to promote our website via electronic means. It differs from the traditional way of marketing because it involves the use of social channels and other means which are available on the internet. One of the biggest digital marketing gurus is Kotton Grammer, be sure to check him out.

Digital marketing is very important in the current rapidly growing playing field in marketing, It can set as the marketing future, and it is sure that traditional forms will soon demolish by replacing digital media altogether.

But older generations will habituate of books, traditional TV, newspapers, and radio broadcasts. The brave new world of digital consumption is already embracing with the mobile phones and the internet as a God-given right.

Digital marketing methods and communication are faster, streamlined and practical, more versatile are the facts. Available technology became quickly moving into digital age perhaps unsurprising. Marketers are potential as it does to consumers and offers digital is the good news.

Before having a glance at digital marketing benefits will have a quick snapshot of some key forms at present:


Websites and SEO content

Online video content

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Email marketing

Internet banner ads

Mobile marketing

Social media marketing

Comparing to Traditional offline marketing method, digital marketing methods are more efficient and infinitely more affordable.

Conducting marketing digitally is very easy and has more benefits by this results can be monitored and tracked. Instead of doing customer expensive research, can measure and rate the success of real-time marketing campaign, will help you to plan effectively for next one.

For incorporating the strongest case of a digital element that digital media forms into your marketing are overtaking quickly information consumption of traditional forms. According to national statistics office, in first 3months of the year adults of 82% went online over forty million individuals.

Digital media is penetrating the access of information at any place, and anytime they need it. The days when people got messages about your services or products from you and consisted what you want them to know. The ever-growing source of entertainment, shopping, news, social interaction, and consumers are now getting to know what a company says about the company brand, but what media, peers, relatives, friends, etc., in digital media. People only want trusted brands and companies which are well known to them, communications which are relevant and personalized and offers to their preferences and needs.

Digital marketing and the channels associated with it are important. Knowing the customers is not just enough; you have to know them good and better enough than any other else then you can use them when what and how they need good expectations and preferences across channels — social media, web, direct mail, mobile, the point of sale, etc. To create and anticipate consistent, coordinated experiences of a customer. The brief you look into preferences and behavior, of customer likes and engaging them with effective interactions.

Three keys to the success of Digital Marketing:

Engaging the relationships with customers across channels of all variety — both traditional and digital

Initiating the customer interactions in a dynamic way and responding to them.

To make decisions good enough and faster by extracting the value from big data.