Why Custom Full Color Printed bags are more expensive

Custom full color printed bags are a powerful tool one can use to communicate their message to whatever audience. Whether you are a seller promoting your product or service or simply want to coronate an event with beautiful custom printed bags, it is always rewarding efforts. Full-color well-printed bags are a sight to behold, vibrant and breathtaking, conspicuously communicating its intended message that can never miss its audience.
However, with high quality, one can expect costs worth the value. Several reasons explain what makes full color printed bags more expensive. These include;

1. Material Used in Making the bags.
From base material to the lamination finishes, the material used in making full color printed bags are relatively expensive, at least for high-quality bags. Whether you settle on laminated woven or non-woven polypropylene material which in most cases are most popular and recommended, the costs are relatively higher. Besides, these bags are made with durable handle material which are also expensive and thus making the bag more expensive.

2. Design and colors used.
The artwork involved in making full color printed bags is not only demanding but also costly. A lot of design and creativity is employed to achieve the desired goal. In most cases, professional graphic designers are involved which increases the cost of production. The artwork is the bag because the message on the bag usually is in the artwork. So one can not settle for average designs when the intention is to achieve excellence. Besides, different colors have varied qualities and uniqueness. The more colors involved the high chances of higher production cost.

3. Bag Styles and Sizes.
Whether it is a grocery bag, tote bag or gift bag, the style and size of the bag will definitely affect the cost of the bag. Most full color printed bags come in round corner and squared cornered style, both in which plate charges are slightly higher. Most color printed bags are produced in consideration of the visibility and readability of the artwork or writings for that matter. In this case, the need for visibility more of a priority than the actual use of the bag. As a result, bigger sizes are considered which means more material used and consequently, higher prices.

4. Other Bag Customization
More customization requires more material to be used. For instance, some full color customized printed bags come with metallic printings, other with fluorescent inks. These material add extra costs in the production of such bags which makes them more expensive in the market.

5. Number of Orders
Most companies give discounts only on a specific number of orders depending on the company policies. Any order below the specified number is usually more expensive. This is why most of these bags are viewed to be more expensive.

Custom full color printed bags have proven to be the ideal bags be it shopping, gift or communicating to a given audience. Like in any other line of production, high value goes hand in hand with high costs and consequently high prices. However, the high rates cannot overshadow the significant benefits that the bags can bring.