Why you should not repair your iPhone by yourself

iPhone is indeed the most expensive and valuable mobile phone in the world with Apple being the biggest name in modern gadgets industry. iPhone’s screen is more sensitive than many other mobile phones and thus prone to damage when it’s fallen. Also, any other damage can happen to your phone, and there are plenty of videos available on YouTube. Many people try to repair experts and fix it on their own. This can indeed be very dangerous for you as well as your pocket. The iPhone is very highly tech designed phone with minute specifications. It can be seen that taking the risk of repairing such expensive phone can be very costly. Repairing it on your own can make the situation worse. There are many legit reasons not to fix your iPhone in Phoenix or on your own, and some are presented below.

• Can be more complex than we think- iPhone has very complex engineering in manufacturing, and it isn’t easy to open even, let alone to fix things. To open an iPhone’s battery, you need great expertise otherwise it will damage your entire phone along with the existing battery.

• Parts can be misplaced and are very delicate- phones have tiny, small parts including a large number of screws. While trying to fix an iPhone on your own, you can end up either losing those small screws or put them in the wrong position. Moreover, tiny parts inside the phone including the motherboard are very delicate and should be handled by care. People at support centers are trained and do this job every day. Thus they know how to handle them.

• Loss of repair warranty- as a clause in Apple’s warranty it states that if you try to fix it yourself or do any alternations in the system, your one-year free repair warranty will be considered void. There are chances your phone might not work if you try to fix it and you will lose company’s warranty also. Repair shops usually give you a warranty when you assign them the job.

• It can be dangerous- correct tools are required to repair phones which you may not have at home. Normal screw drivers which we use in everyday life do not work for phones, and they require minute ones. Also to fix a phone’s screen, the high temperature is required to loosen it. While doing this at home, you may cause an accident hurting you. You may also damage other parts of the phone and shatter the screen completely.

• Loss of touch ID- the home button in iPhone has a fingerprint sensor, and it is paired to the phone at the factory. When this button is replaced, Apple detects that this sensor is replaced and takes it as a security violation. Apple will immediately shut down you touch ID forever, and the phone will start giving error 53 which is a mistake for hardware swap.

• Can be very expensive- when you try fixing a phone by changing parts, it can be more expensive as the parts you order online are generally of low quality and can either damage your phone or will stop working within few weeks. Repair shops are authorized ones and use Apple’s approved parts.